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love of FAMILY

love of FAMILY

Welcome to our Crazy…

     Whew, it’s been a busy, fun, exhausting, and sometimes overwhelming past few weeks since being back in Bloomington. I finally feel like I can catch my breath and sit down and update you all on what’s going on in our lives! I’m just going […]

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Anxiety- It Changes Everything

Early in July, 2013 an unexpected tragedy set me on a journey that I know many of you are also on…the journey of living every day with anxiety. Now, if you know me, you probably know that I like to put on a strong face […]

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How I Broke Our Parent’s Hearts

Guess What?!? We’re moving! And guess who got to break the news that out of all of the schools we were looking into and had been accepted to, we chose the one that was the furthest away… What started with a “what if?” has become […]

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